staying fit

How to stay fit if you are 40 or older ?

Getting fit can seem like a constant struggle, especially as you approach your 40’s. Finding the energy to exercise on a consistent basis can seem practically impossible. To add to that, there is the fear that prolonged exercises may aggravate your pre-existing aches and pains – your body is just not the same that it used to be. While these fears are genuine, exercise has been shown to reduce cardiovascular diseases and improve the overall quality of your life. As you get older there are ways you can slowly implement more activities in your daily routine. Before long it will become a normal part of your habits and may find yourself a much when you don’t get your regular exercise high!

As you approach your 40’s high-intensity workouts like running, hiking and tennis can place a lot of stress on your joints and bones. An alternative option would be to focus on low impact exercising like swimming, yoga, Pilates or dancing. These exercises help to strengthen muscles without placing undue stress on your body. The best thing about these options is that they can often be done at home as they do not require special equipment. You might be able to purchase a video or even find one online and get started in no time. These low intensity options are a great way to ease back into the hang of exercising if you have not done so in a while, find something that like and get started on it today!

These days there are several activities that allow you to be active in groups. Studies have shown that persons who exercise in groups are more likely to continue as they have built a support system which serves as a motivation factor. Look around in your community is there a running club nearby? Or maybe there is a yoga class that meets on Saturdays in the park? Do you own a pet? Maybe you could find a group that walks their dogs regularly. Even if there isn’t any maybe you could start one. Developing a connection with a group of persons with similar interests can help motivate you to stay the course and be active. It will slowly start to become a part of your regular habits and it won’t even feel like exercise.

When implementing a new exercise regime make it enjoyable by rewarding yourself. Too often persons start exercising out a place of self-hate; they hate their body so exercising is almost like a punishment. Exercising, especially in your 40’s is an amazing gift that not everyone has. As you know getting older places stress on the body which reduces the options you have available to exercise. Instead of looking at exercise as a chore start seeing it as a blessing; set small goals and reward yourself accordingly. For instance set a goal to run one mile every day, and then slowly bump that up to two miles. When you hit your targets treat yourself to some ice cream or maybe get a massage. It’s not always about the goal but the process of accomplishing your goal. Take the time out to appreciate how far you have come, treat yourself and continually push your limits.

One of the challenges exercising in your 40’ is that sometimes you just can’t find the time! It’s hard to find time to jog for an hour in the morning when you’re rushing to work. It’s especially frustrating having to depart from a routine that you have grown comfortable with. Those first sessions of exercising will feel like a chore because it’s a departure from your normal activities. One piece of advice that works wonders is to fit in exercise as a part of your regular routine, make it as normal as brushing your teeth. It could be as simple as doing 10 pushups in the morning or working out for 15 minutes at lunch. Crafting in that time to exercise on a daily basis will make it easier for you to keep a consistent schedule of exercise until you won’t even notice it anymore.

As you age it can be frustrating incorporating regular exercise into your life. You figure if you’ve made it this far without it why start now? At any point in your life you have the opportunity to be your best self, starting with your health. Spend the time to invest in your health because you deserve it. Exercising is way of taking care of your most valuable asset, your body. Start making small changes today that make a lifetime of a difference in creating the best version of yourself.