How to Be Romantic

Everyone is a romantic at heart. Romance is an expression of love. For some, showing romance comes naturally while for others it requires some effort. They probably need to brush up on romantic ideas to romance with their loved ones. They probably need to re-learn how to be romantic!

We constantly need to show our loved ones how much we love them; how much they mean to us. The romantic ideas you need to come up with need not be expensive and time consuming. But you need to spend time for your romance to flourish.

Be Romantic

Show that you are romantic by sending your loved one a bunch of beautiful roses and a box of chocolates. Cliched, right? But this works, every time! Such romantic gifts set perfect mood for a romantic evening out.

Romance can flourish at home with a candle lit dinner as well. Fix up your loved one’s favorite meal. Set the mood rolling with low lights, light romantic music, and a chilled bottle of wine. This leads the way to a more romantic evening and the romantic night to come. The meal need not be an elaborate affair. Sharing slices of pizza while cuddling on the sofa can be romantic as well.

Plan romantic dates frequently. You do not need an excuse to prove your love. You need not wait for anniversaries or birthdays. Set up a spur-of-the-moment date for a romantic evening out. This sends signals that your loved one has an important place in your life.

Some times the most elaborate romantic ideas fail drastically and the most unplanned idea works wonders. Do something cute. Do not go for expensive romantic gifts every time. Simple gifts: such as a teddy bear; a bouquet of roses; a little puppy can do the trick. Splurge on an expensive gift once in a while.

Be Spontaneous

All your romantic ideas need not be planned days in advance; at least it must not seem so to your significant half. Let your plan for your romance seem to be spontaneous. Plan a weekend away and let it come as a surprise. Spring it at the last minute, when your loved one is least expecting it.

Try even your romantic gifts to appear to be spontaneous. This will mean a great deal to the recipient. Spontaneity adds to romance. It enhances a moment considerably.

If you are spending time indoors, plan an evening to give a foot massage to your loved one. This may seem such a small gesture, but such a romantic one! Who knows where the massage may lead to!

People to whom romance comes naturally, the planning and the spontaneity are very easy. Others who need the support of romantic ideas to get the ball rolling need to work on these ideas and hone up their skills. After all, they are doing it to spice up their lives; rekindle love and passion in their lives!

How To Be Romantic – 3 Things You Need to Do

Is it a must to learn how to be romantic? If you aren’t, does it even matter?

If you’ve been turned down when you ask a girl for a date, and being unromantic was the reason given to you, know that she didn’t make up that reason.

Romance to a girl is very important indeed as it can help land you a date. So that answer is a big “YES”! Learn how to be romantic because you need that skill set.

But what must you do to be a romantic guy? Allow me to give you 3 tips below:

Tip 1 – Understand The Lady

One fact about women is that each individual view romance differently, so if you want to learn how to be romantic with the girl of your dreams, then learn her definition of romance.

And this, you got to observe her for a period of time. Get to know her likes and dislikes, what turns her on and off, or even what activities she enjoys. But don’t forget the setting in which she likes them.

For that, allow me to explain it in Tip 2.

Tip 2 – Make Proper Plans

So let’s take an example of a lady who loves coffee, but she only likes it during tea time with muffins while sitting in a cafe reading a magazine. In that case, plan how you can buy her coffee while she is in that setting.

Don’t attempt to treat her to coffee with muffins while she’s taking a break in her office chair. The setting is not right, and your gesture might come across to her as being unromantic because you weren’t sensitive

Always plan ahead, and keep in mind the setting or other important factors that will help you get across to her. That’s part of learning how to be romantic with the girl of your dreams.

Tip 3 – Inject Your Own Ideas and Twists

Now, learning how to be romantic can get tricky here, because if you don’t have much ideas of your own to inject into a romantic setting, you’re stuck.

But be thankful for the 21st century. You can just go online and read how guys are being romantic to the ladies they flirt with, and get some ideas there.

However, be careful about one thing. Check out the ideas online just to get some ideas first. Don’t attempt to implement them immediately.

That’s because every guy out there has different personalities, so even if you think an idea you saw online looks helpful, you’ll want to inject your own personality into that idea, and carry it out as only you would.

Only then, can a girl truly feel you’re romantic through your originality.

So taking the coffee lady as an example, perhaps you might like to offer her coffee together with home made muffins of her favourite flavour at the right setting and time. Then you’ll leave an impact that’s original.

So there you have it. Learn how to be romantic using the 3 tips above. You might like to take them as steps if you would, but always remember, never be a clone or a copy of someone else.

You are unique, and the best way to learn how to be romantic would be to inject your own personality to it. I’ve learnt it that way too. Try it, you’ll be amazed.