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Window damage and more

They say there is always some good that comes out of any event. At the time it isn’t always easy to see the good. We had a storm and a tree outside our house came down. It was massive. We had been watching this tree for several hours and we decided to call the fire brigade. Unfortunately the tree came down before the fire brigade got to us. Within a couple of minutes the tree came down crashing into our front garden and through the downstairs window and braking the upstairs window. It was a terrible night. The fire brigade and a firm of tree surgeons moved the tree so it cleared the house.

The damage was incredible. The exterior of the house suffered extensive damage to the brickwork and rendering. All the downstairs windows and window sills were beyond repair. The front garden was a complete mess once the tree surgeons had sawed the tree into moveable logs. Thank goodness for insurance!

I got quotes for the outside brickwork etc and also I needed replacement windows. Everyone who came was so sympathetic. So much got damaged in the downstairs rooms. Carpets and furniture were damaged. Everything was wet and muddy.

We decided to get more windows replaced than were damaged. We also decided to replace the front door. We didn’t have double glazes units before so we decided to invest in some replacement windows over the insurance covered items.

My wife would have been ready to move house there and then, she hated being in the house and living in a complete mess.

Slowly the work started to be done and carpets and furniture were replaced. We had new windows and a new front door put in and the results were fantastic. Thankfully my wife is now happy to stay in the house.

The garden is due to be done next. Judging by the work done on the rest of the house, I think we will be doubly happy once the garden is put back together again. At the moment it is a soggy mess!

I wouldn’t ever want to go through that night again. All I can say is, it has spurred me into having new windows put in all over the house and I am looking forward to seeing the front garden being landscaped.

Thank you to Hackney Glass, who came quickly and fixed our damaged windows, in great time.




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